Don village in Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa

As a village located in the center of Pu Luong Nature Reserve – Don village in Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa is one of the few villages that preserves national cultural identity with architecture in unique style. If you go from far to the top of the village, you will see most of the roofs in the village still retain the old stilt houses along with thatched roofs of palm leaves scattered among tree bushes.  Especially, this village has the largest terraced rice field in Thanh Hoa. If you come to Pu Luong on the occasion between May and early June or between September and October, the time of ripe rice season, you will have the chance to admire the beauty of terraced rice fields hereof.

What are attractions around Don village?

The nearest place is Uoi village located at the foot of the mountain. If you go to the terraced field of Pu Luong, a very nice village with entirely palm-roofed houses overwhelms your eyes. This is the most beautiful village of Pu Luong presented by the pristine beauty of ancient architecture on stilts in addition to the undulating terraced fields. After this village, there are limestone ranges nearly like the limestone islands in Ha Long bay. That is the reason why this village is classified as a route of annual marathon. If you come to Don village in Pu Luong, you should definitely come here.

Bản Ươi Pù Luông

Uoi village valley viewed from above

From Don village, you can easily go to Pu Luong attractions by motorbike or take trekking activities such as:

  • Visit water-wheel in Chieng Lau village
  • Explore Bat cave in Kho Muong village
  • Visit Deer waterfall in Deer village
  • Discover Bo Dip stream in Hang village.

Bản Đôn Thanh Hóa

Bản Đôn

                                                                               Attractions around Don Village

Where should stay in Don Village?

You can easily find yourself an overnight stay, if you want a private space you should go to resorts like Pu Luong Retreat, Pu Luong hillside Lodge, Pu Luong Eco Garden… or just simply exploring the life of the Thai people here, you can pay attention to the homestay as: Pu Luong Hillside Lodge, Pu Luong treehouse … The homestay family here serves guests quite professionally with traditional Thai food but you should order them first, ask them prepare the traditional food for more thoughtfully quality. One night of a homestay costs from 300-350,000 VND / person depending on what you eat … If you stay at the resort, it is more expensive.

Guồng nước Pù Luông

                                                                                       Sightseeing Water Wheel

Tours in Don village

If you are an adventurous person, you can also join the Pu Luong mountain climbing tour which is 1700m higher than the sea level, this is also the place to mark the vestige of the French air force. It only takes about 4-5 hours to be able to conquer this peak if you departs from Don village. You should book this tour in advance in case of facing forest ranger. In addition, Pu Luong HillSide Lodge also holds a free walking tour for guests including visiting the old forest, palm forest, bamboo forest, especially you can visit the traditional Thai house, see the ancient architecture of the house, sit with the landlord to drink some dry tea and sip a cup of wine made from very delicious leaf yeast. After this trip, you will find Pu Luong is a place worth visiting.

bản đôn-pù luông

                               Climb to Pu Luong mountain at 1700m heigh

Motorcycle Tour from Don village

With a motorbike tour in Pu Luong, we will take you to the remote villages located in Pu Luong Nature Reserve, which allows you to enjoy the tranquil feeling and discover unique cultural features of the Blank Thai people. If you only have 2 days in Pu Luong, this tour is suitable for you to discover all the highlights in Pu Luong such as:

  • Visit water-wheel in Chieng Lau village
  • Explore Bat cave in Kho Muong village
  • Visit Deer waterfall in Deer village
  • Discover brocade weaving village.

1 Day Motorcycle Tour Program: Tour guide will pick you up at the hotel to take you to explore Pu Luong. The first destination will be waterwheel – one of the inventions of the Thai Ethnic people in Chieng Lau village. On visiting here you will know how farmers get water into fields, how to make a waterwheel, especially how to grow rice from local people herein. But please take a little note that if you are worried about motorbikes or the route then we have drivers to help you and your duty is to sit in the back exploring your way.

After visiting the waterwheels, the guide will take you to visit one of the famous places in Pu Luong, Deer Waterfall. It is about 500 metre long and 200 metre high which will be an ideal place for you to take a walk. Then stop at a homestay for lunch.

In the afternoon, you continue to move to Lan village,  the place where the women weave with loom and you will have the chance to learn more about their work. The thing that makes you surprised is that there are no shops selling souvenirs, all of which are products for local people. On crossing the villages, you will take a view of more traditional stilt houses or immense terraced rice fields. Your last point is Bat Cave in Kho Muong village. The road to this village is very steep, but arriving at the place you will be overwhelmed by its majestic beauty. Admiring the stalagmites  created here thousands of years ago will give you unforgettable memories on visiting Pu Luong.

The tour ends at 5pm.

2 Day Motorcycle Tour Program:

If you take this tour for 2 days, then on the 2nd day you will go to explore Son-Ba-Muoi plateau called “the second Sapa” with cool climate all year round. In order to discover here, you have to conquer the zigzag corners, take adventure with steep cliffs. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the pristine beauty of the roofs without electricity, the people live sparsely and cultivate on terraced fields. The people here live a simple, self-sufficient life making this place very quiet without commercial activities.

Tour duration: About 7 hours.

Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Don village

If you rent a motorbike, you should rent in Homestay with the average cost from 250,000 and you fill up the petrol by yourself. If you need more information or advice on renting a car, please feel free to call me.

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The most beautiful villages in Pu Luong

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