8 Tips to Get Rid Of Your Fear When Traveling to Pu Luong

1. Traveling is Problem Handling You will encounter many situations before and during the trip, these issues require you to be a person who is always open, calm, patient to handle to have a nice trip. Before going, you may encounter some problems such as: You have to queue for...

The Truth About Homestay In Pu Luong

Really many guests do not understand what a homestay model is? Tho Dia has seen many tourists call them asking this: Is your Hostel in Pu Luong? Does your hotel have rooms? Does your motel serve food and beverage? Many people do not understand leading to the broken trip because...

The 6 Silly Things Of Travelers To Pu Luong

Tho Dia means that: '' If we are well prepared before our trip, our trip will have a lot of meaning, Tho Dia has encountered a lot of situations when meeting a lot of friends coming to Pu Luong. Tho Dia has listed 6 of the most stupid things of...

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