8 Tips to Get Rid Of Your Fear When Traveling to Pu Luong

1. Traveling is Problem Handling

You will encounter many situations before and during the trip, these issues require you to be a person who is always open, calm, patient to handle to have a nice trip. Before going, you may encounter some problems such as: You have to queue for many hours to apply for a visa, you have a visa failure, you must prove your income, you must have an invitation … While going you will also encounter countless situations such as: Passport in hotel, lost, losing money, having an accident …

But if you overcome all these situations, the person in you is more mature, more confident than the others. Going alone also has many interesting things that it can not tell such as: You can freely go to the places you want without being confined in time, meet strangers talking and talking with them, You can also stretch the time at the destination, eat and sleep, play as you like.
2) Get out of your comfort zone

Traveling alone means getting out of your comfort zone, that doesn’t mean you will lose something in your life that will make your life more enjoyable. great number of. In 2014, Earth Kingdom decided to travel alone after many years of living in boring safety, the world out there was so many good things and the good and great people who were the ones who crossed the region. Safe, your comfort zone. There will be no great pilgrimages in this world, such as: Dharma Show, Tripitaka, Magellen … Today, decide to go – Decide to go somewhere you’ve never set foot in. Come, I firmly believe that after 1-2 years or at the end of this Solo trip you will be proud of it. There is a saying of the product director of German travel company Diameer who accompanied Earth-Earth 6 years ago: “I don’t want to die in bed, I want to die on the roads”.

8 lời khuyên đi du lịch một mình                                                                                       Guests Go to Pu Luong

3.Follow the Path of the Previous Trip

Find out their information and experience about your destination, you will avoid problems and anticipate problems you encounter as well as useful information such as restaurants, restaurants, hotels, travel, visit … Many Phượt they have gone so they have good experiences. I took the opportunity to go online to search for websites specializing in solo Phượt and notes on paper, it is best to prepare a small notebook to take with you very convenient for me. Many people write on the phone but I do not trust it because the phone will run out of battery at times I can not control so it is best to carry a notebook with you.
4. Remember: You will never be alone

When going to somewhere you will also see many Solo people like me, especially Westerners, they travel a lot, so your job is to prepare English to slash with them and after the trip, You will have many stories to tell, maybe you can learn something from them. You will also meet many strangers and it is your job to open up to the world of contact, talk to them to increase your communication while you understand the local people ‘s culture.

Go outside and start asking: What’s your name?
5. Be Confident

Wherever you go, there is the fear of going everywhere, you won’t have an interesting trip. When you have prepared carefully, your job is to be comfortable, walk, lie down to be very comfortable. Then you will find your trip will attract good things, good people.
6. Start small trips

If you are in Hanoi, you can start with a short trip like going to Pu Luong, Sa Pa about 2 days and 3 days is beautiful, then you start with the feeling of walking alone to take care of your journey. , then start with the longer journey like going to the North-East 10 days, then you will get used to the feeling of being alone and you will gradually become more confident. By then, the more you go, the more you like it, even though you’re alone. Let’s increase the challenge by going abroad such as initially going to other countries: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand later further than Europe, America …

Start with the first step and everything will be easy for you
7. Always Carry Your Phone

This does not have to be said. You have to bring a lost case, you can check google map or call hotel, relatives, embassy in case of emergency, or if you have any problem, other people will know your contacts. hotel, your relatives and let you know.
8.Always believe in yourself

Step outside when you are ready and confident in your experience, in your schedule, in your good journey, You are yourself and no one else. Do not let someone disturb your journey. Do whatever you like.

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