The 6 Silly Things Of Travelers To Pu Luong

Tho Dia means that: ” If we are well prepared before our trip, our trip will have a lot of meaning, Tho Dia has encountered a lot of situations when meeting a lot of friends coming to Pu Luong. Tho Dia has listed 6 of the most stupid things of travelers to Pu Luong that you should consult before you go.
1. Just thought that: Google specific map knows all the villages.

Many copies in Pu Luong have not been registered on google map so when you want to go to any version, you should write down the points you want to go to then call to ask Earth or to ask people to be sure.
I encountered a lot of delegates, like the last marathon, there was a sister who went from Saigon to want to go to Hang village to register to run because she registered late, she did not ask me, is that google map tool only the distance from outside Canh Nang went all the way over 100km. Fortunately, she asked me in time, not to make me drive a taxi to Quan Hoa District.
My village is not on google map so please be careful. Go to the old man google map to find Ban Don as it points to Ban Don Dak Lak.
Don’t Believe In All.
2. Every Illusion: Pu Luong has many shops and many hotels

Many groups have to go home because they did not book or even have no restaurant to order because they think Pu Luong and Mai Chau. Here the Market is open 2 times a week, very far away from the tourist villages, the town may have to travel 18-20km if not booked, you risk having to eat My Tom or run to town. So before the trip, I should plan in advance: what to eat, where to eat, where to eat … These small notes will help you a lot.
3. Not Understanding The Homestay Model

Many of you or the elderly are less likely to know and do not understand how to travel, so think of Homestay in Pu Luong as a motel, with air conditioning … But the reality is that this model is different. Only a few bungalows and resorts here meet that requirement. It is best to find google search tools right before you go to avoid your trip is disillusioned.

References: Truth of Homestay In Pu Luong
4. Getting the servants to follow their own will

“Entering the country must be up to you” is a saying for you when you come to a new land, they have their own specific culture, for example: Japanese people consider Tip money as an insult but when you come to the country If you use a taxi or restaurant service, you should politely leave a tip that is their own culture. And when it comes to the mountains, not only Pu Luong is that we have to contact a new culture, the service they provide may be different, you can not compare with the service like the big cities. Besides, you should follow their culture without making noise after 11pm and some of their customs should be carefully studied.
5. For foreigners, they think in homestays, the staff will know English

Right. When registering on the room sales page, the majority of customers will see information in English or the language of their home country but when they arrive, many guests are surprised because the landlord does not know English, so customers must translate google translate out to communicate with each other.
6. Do not bring tampons or toilet paper with you

This is a mountain area. Everything is missing: The shops are too far apart, the market is only open 2 times a week with 20km copies, so do not think that these small things are easy to buy, buy anywhere. In order for your trip to avoid these troubles, you should be prepared at home.

This is a Map of Destinations in Pu Luong You should consult before going.

Map Of Pu Luong Tourist Attractions

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