The Truth About Homestay In Pu Luong

Really many guests do not understand what a homestay model is? Tho Dia has seen many tourists call them asking this: Is your Hostel in Pu Luong? Does your hotel have rooms? Does your motel serve food and beverage? Many people do not understand leading to the broken trip because in Pu Luong the majority of homestays are spontaneous of the households, they are not very knowledgeable about the model, and have not been well-trained. In addition, many homestay want to sell guests so they do not know how to advise guests, so when visitors come, they run away with slippers, Tho Dia met a lot of Vietnamese delegations. Another reason is that many people travel to Pu Luong but do not read, do not read the information, do not plan, according to them, traveling is arbitrary, inspiration is to go, just take the number on google is called Asked to go, many people are curious to come to the new place to call to book a accommodation, so why not make a plan when you are at home? When they got there, they fell backwards: their homestay is so sketchy like unlike motels, hotels in San Son … Now, where to look anymore, the bungalows are often closed so they have to shut up. The story did not stop there, they kept criticizing, criticizing from the landlord to criticizing that there was no this and that … Finally the trip really broke.

So, Earth Day today shares with us our brothers and sisters some information to help our brothers and sisters to have a fun and meaningful trip.
What is HomeStay

There are some definitions of a homestay but in general it is a community-based accommodation model in which guests live, interact, explore landscapes, eat and drink, live with the host family and indigenous people. Homestay model was born to meet the needs of learning and exploring the culture in the region we come to. In the northern regions of our country have formed a homestay community like Mai Chau, Sa Pa, Moc Chau, many homestay houses very well meet the needs of guests. But with Pu Luong, it takes more time.

Homestay has appeared in many countries around the world and appeared in Vietnam since the 1990s, it is defined as the above is a model in which tourists stay in the same house as the host, can live, Working with the landlord to learn about the culture, customs and customs of the people in that area. Homestay provides basic services such as toilets, towels and necessary items but lacks the amenities of a hotel such as: No air conditioning, Mini Bar, in-room drinks …

Because of these reasons, visitors should carefully study where they come from to avoid unfortunate situations.If you want to rest and relax, you should not go to forest places like Pu Luong because there is no nothing, here only flowers and trees, here only the murmuring water, the forests of the same message, the terraced fields stretching here will bring people back to nature.

One more thing to note is: Pu Luong is a mountainous area where traveling to some villages is difficult, so you want to explore and enjoy all the flavors of the mountains, so you should practice walking for a few days to get used to before you go. If not up here is very tired. For example, if you want to climb Hieu waterfall, you have to walk about 500m to reach it. When we go there, we do not climb the falls, soaking in the falls does not enjoy all the cool and freshness of the Pu Luong mountains.

A special thing is, people on this cooking their style, may be different from your taste, may lack this taste, the other or their service does not follow a standard at all. So when you come here, you have to be open, welcoming, friendly with them, then they have ” The chicken, the pig in the fields ” they give you all.

Inside The Homestay

Thai Language Exchange At Homestay Pu Luong

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