Traditional Stilt house

We have 3 large stilt houses facing the Fish Pond. Room has a large area, spacious space, can accommodate up to 15 single or double cushions and can accommodate up to 15 people. So suitable for small groups or companies, built in a simple style, the interior is mainly from wood materials, giving a rustic feel, close to nature, bringing comfort, comfortable. This room is made entirely of wood in accordance with the style and cultural tradition of the Black Thai people in Pu Luong, as you can see the roof is covered with palm leaves, ensuring very cool in summer, in season. In the winter, we have added cotton blankets to ensure very warm. On the bottom of each floor, there are 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets designed with stones used for the whole floor. In addition to ensuring a comfortable dining space for guests, we also designed the restaurant below to ensure a dining space for visitors. Rooms are equipped with fans.

Information on area, price and facilities inside stilt houses
For family or group bookings, you can use the room with the current room layout or add an extra bed if needed.

Size: 60m2.

The maximum occupancy of the accommodation is 20 adults.

Room rate: 250,000 VND / person

Room rate is for 1 person and includes breakfast buffet.


Mosquito nets
Shared bathroom
Shower gel and shampoo
People can refer to more information about Pu Luong via fanpage:

Interior Of Stilt House

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