Experience Traveling Pu Luong Thanh Hoa

This article is based on the experience of traveling to Pu Luong Thanh Hoa of Tho Dia. Pu Luong is a natural reserve established in 1999, which is a pristine place without the impact of urbanization, where there are still simple stilt houses and still terrific fields. like the “Sapa Second” of Vietnam. Since the 1950s this is an air base for the French colonialists, so it is not only a quiet place to explore but also a place to learn about the history of the French.

If you are wondering where to go in the summer or simply to relax at the end of the week away from the hustle and bustle of life, come to Pu Luong to discover famous tourist destinations.
1. Chieng Lau Water Reel

About 5km from Canh Nang town is Chieng Lau village, which is the gathering place of Thai Black people, they live along streams with long-standing wet rice cultivation. To enter the village you have to cross the bridge: “San francisco” This bridge has just been built to help people here easily travel, visiting the water wheels is probably the first activity you should do when you come here. , because the water reel is the symbol of the Thai people and the symbol of Pu Luong land. Before coming to the Water Reels, you will see a lot of Doc Doc fish farms, a type of fish living along the Ma River and there are many in Ca Than stream, which people take here to raise, especially the This fish farm gets its water from streams with water HORTS. It is a great invention of the Thai people here, marking the development of agricultural agriculture.

Guồng nước Pù Luông
Water Wheel In Chieng Lau

2. See the Cham River with a Bamboo raft

Viewing Song Cham is one of the 7 experiences of traveling to Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa, you should do when coming to Pu Luong, the most interesting experience when coming here, bamboo rafting is a daily activity of Thai people here. use bamboo rafts to travel and catch fish on the river. The experience of going to Bamboo Rafting is recommended.

Đi Bè Tre Ở Pù Luông
Bamboo Rafting On Cham River
3. Ban Doi Valley

As one of the most beautiful valleys in Pu Luong, if you go from Ban Don then look down from above to Ban Doi as beautiful as a picture with limestone mountains like limestone islands in Ha Long Bay, at the foot of the mountain is Ban Ooi with immense winding rice fields, behind the village is a palm forest, people here use palm leaves to roof the house, so when you enter the Thai ethnic people here you feel very cool. In the middle is a stream for people to bathe daily, the water here is very clear and cool.

Bản Ươi Pù Luông
Terraced Fields Next To The Ban Ban
4. Diving Version

This village is located right next to the Doi village, this village most people still keep traditional brocade weaving but different from the brocade weaving villages in Mai Chau and Sa Pa, people here weave brocade to serve citizens, not for tourists.

kinh nghiệm đi pù luông thanh hóa
Brocade Weaving In Diving Village
5. Thieu Hieu

It is undeniable that Thieu Waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in the area of ​​Pu Luong, This Waterfall is located in Ban Hao, Co Lung, the waterfall is about 2km from the main road to the foot of the mountain, if you come here, you should go along the waterfall Feel the beauty of nature, the more you go up, the more beautiful the scenery here because of the terraced fields created by the hands and brains of the people here. stop at Hieu farm to admire the Hieu herds and take souvenir photos

Kinh nghiệm đi du lịch Pù Luông
Bathing Ban Ban Waterfall
6. Heaven Gate Son Ba Muoi

Experience shows that to reach the sky gate you have to go through the mountain pass which is mentioned as the steepest and steepest mountain pass in Vietnam, but when you pass it you will have a panoramic view of the vast Pu Luong. At this time How much sorrow, frustration of everyday life you throw all here. After this trip, you will be completely different and become more energetic and happier.

Son Bá Mười Pù Luông
Landscape Son Ba Muoi
7. Bat Muong cave

This is a cave located in Kho Muong village – a point you should explore by its wild features. Kho Muong village is a village located in the surrounding valley surrounded by limestone mountains. This version has no impact by outside life. To go here you have to walk or ride a motorbike but the road is very steep, you should send motorbikes at the house of people walking to take pictures of Hang Doi, terraced fields and people here. When you go this version, you should check the weather first. That is the Earth’s experience. Here people also serve Thai ethnic dishes that you can order at the homestay before visiting.

kinh nghiệm đi du lịch Pù Luông
Visit the Bat Cave In Ban Kho Muong

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