Local Guides

Local Guides is very important in connecting visitors with Pu Luong. They are the people who help guests to have a comfortable and fun trip, they are considered as the “ Spirit of the Trip ” because they are the guide for all services from eating, sleeping, entertainment spots, customs and practices To meet the needs of tourists, we always try to learn with the desire to bring about experiences, discovering culture, people of Thai Pu Luong ethnic people.
Who Is A Guide to Pu Luong

We are Thai people born and raised in Pu Luong homeland so we understand life, culture and roads. Most of the guides are not well-trained from regular universities and colleges, only a few are trained from classes opened by local authorities or by training companies, many many of them have worked as guides for the regular guides over the years and become point-based guides. Therefore, we are looking forward to acting as a bridge between tourists and destinations Pu Luong. Helping Pu Luong tourism to grow day by day.

Hướng Dẫn Viên Pù Luông

Real-Time Instructor Training Session

The Tour Guide At Point
Mr. F

Being a Thai born in Ban Don, Mr. F used to be a jungler who used to collect firewood to sell to help his family but since Pu Luong forest has become a Nature Reserve, forest products trading activities Being banned here is Pu Luong tourist area, so he is trusted by travel companies to call him as a guide for trekking tours to visit villages and climb Pu Luong. He is a cheerful, sociable, knowledgeable Thai people along with a sense of humor, understanding the way he will surely be a good hdv connecting for visitors to Pu Luong.

Tour Guide Service in Pu Luong

Anh Giang

Being a Thai ethnic son, he was born and raised in Don village, his hobby is to bring foreign tourists to the village and cook for tourists so a lot of Western tourists love Mr. Giang because of him. The food is delicious, especially Thai dishes.

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