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Currently many young people do not know Pu Luong because Pu Luong is a very new tourist destination. In 2018, the local authority of Thanh Hoa has just started to announce the community tourism area here. On the other hand, there have not been many promotional activities for this place, so Pu Luong is still the place where the “Sleeping Princess” is. In this article, Tho Dia Pu Luong will share with you some experiences of Phượt Pu Luong Thanh Hoa.

1. Favorite Road

Tho Dia’s favorite route is to follow Highway 6 to 3 of Lo market then turn left, from here you will be trweenc winding winding road like the road from Lao Cai to Pa Pa, the higher you go the people live sparsely, the scenery is flanked by forests, scattered with rubber farms of the locals, the more they go up, the more beautiful the scene with terraced fields, majestic mountains, after about 45 minute you will come to the territory of Ba Thuoc Thanh Hoa District, you can visit homestay Cao Son – a fairly large homestay about the room, is located in the middle of the mountains, very deserted, then you will go through three Village: Son-Ba-Muoi, this place will be where you can stop photographing hills like the Moc Chau plateau and stop on the winding mountain pass. panoramic nature reserve Pu Luong, this is a steep gorge, so you must be very careful.

Map Of Lung Van Road

In addition to this route, you can also choose Mai Chau Street, Suoi Than Street.

Cung Đường Son Bá Mười                                                          Landscape of Lung Van – Son Ba Muoi Road

2. Sights

After successfully going down the hill, you should visit Waterfall Waterfall first because it is convenient, if the road is not smooth, you can go straight to the village, you will meet Mr. Ly Van’s house as a Homestay, if you have a meal you can order lunch at his house. After that, you should replace shoes with honeycomb sandals to conquer Thieu Hieu, this waterfall is tall and long and takes about 45 minutes to reach the top of the waterfall, from the top of the waterfall, you can freely admire the scenery of Ban Kieu terraces If you have time, you should visit Hieu Farm to have a little contact with the gentle animals on the planet.

Then you go straight to Ban Don to sleep, this version is the central version of Pu Luong. There are many homestay here.

The next morning you should go to Kho Muong to visit Kho Muong-Visit Hang Doi, the way down is quite steep, but in return, the scenery of this village is immaculate, surrounded by mountains overlapping with very beautiful limestone ranges. Traditional stilt houses with ancient architecture will give you a ticket to return to the ancient Thai civilization.

Also you can visit Eo Coc, Ban Hang is also very beautiful. The way in is not so difficult.

Phong Cảnh Bản Đôn
Landscape Of Don Village

3. Eating

Most of the local dishes are self-sufficient because there is only one market in Pu Luong, Pho Doan Market, open on Thursday and Sunday, so the dishes made by the family, but my favorite is the boiled bamboo shoot. dotted dot. So delicious! In addition, there are Dau Rau – a wild vegetable that lives in the forest.

Above is the information about Phu Luot Pu Luong Thanh Hoa, If you need more information, please call me. Or go to Fanpage:

Restaurant in Pu Luong

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