Pu Luong Motorbike For Rent

In Pu Luong, They have not opened motorbike rental service yet  so to hire a motorbike you must ask the homestay owner directly.  if  your group is over 10 or more, it is a bit difficult, I am not sure that you can hire or not  but if you hire 1-2,  it is very easy because most families often have at least 1-2 motorbikes. So before you go, you should call the homestay Owner  in advance to prepare the motorbike for you and do not forget that you should ask the price in advance because the price  is not like other places, itc an be more expensive. But the beautiful roads here are well worth to visit.

Price of Motorbike Service In The Homestay

Prices range from 300-350,000 / one/one day,  excluding oil . It also depends on your skill of bargain, if you meet an easy-going host, you can borrow without money, Thai people are friendly , helpful and very enthusiastic.

But in peak seasons or on Saturdays and Sundays, it is a bit difficult because they are fully booked and many of them do not want for rent because they fear their motorbike can be broken even if you have pay high . Sometimes it depends on how lucky you are. Hopefully, in the next  year, Pu Luong tourism will develop to welcome more  cutomers and the motorbike rental service will be opened to help you.

Pu Luong is a very large nature reserve, so it takes 3 to 4 days to go to all places but if you ride a motorbike, it only takes one and half day to visit all places. The road is very beautiful, many places have steep passes but If you climb to the top, you will be able to enjoy the view.

Pu Luong RiverSide Lodge is currently trying to serve small groups by motorbikes  so if you have difficulty finding motorbikes in Pu Luong, you can contact Mr. Tan for help. Mr Tan phone number & WhatsApp : +84389506696.

Pu Luong Motorbike For Rent

Gear  Motorbike For Rent

Where To Go In Pu Luong

There are many beautiful routes to go for you to refer, this depends on the time and your blood level. If you only have 2 short days from Ban Don center, you can follow the route as below:

Day 1: Ban Hieu  – Pho Doan – La Ca-  Tien Moi – Cham River- Son Ba Muoi

Day 2: Ban Hieu – Kho Muong

If you have 3 days, you can go for the 2nd day:

Hieu-Ban Hang-Ban Eo Ken -Ban Kho-Muong- Uoi Village. You should also note that the road to Ban Kho Muong is steep and the section from Ban Kho Muong to Ban Bong, Ban Uoi, Ban Quan has many very bad sections, the road is full of rocks but this is one of the roads that have The scenery is very beautiful.

Motorbike Service For Pu Luong Tour
Motorbike Service For Pu Luong Tour


Traveling Pu Luong By Motorbike From Ninh Binh

Stop for lunch  At Hong Phuong Restaurant

check  the Tripadvisor page:  https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g12616458-d19477504-Reviews-Cho_Thue_X_May_Pu_Luong_Nha_San_Pu_Luong-Thanh_Lam_Pu_Long_Nature_Reserve_Tha.html

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