Pu Luong The Deer restaurant

Our restaurant is designed below the stilt house that can serve up to 100 people. For breakfast, we offer dishes in European appetite including bread accompanied with butter, jam, eggs, pancake with honey, desserts with fresh fruits, tea or coffe and Vietnamese traditional food such as noodle, Pho, fried rice.

Enjoy the traditional Thai Cuisine

For lunch and dinner, we supply local food such as Co Lung duck, grilled fish of stream, local pig, vegetables harvested in our own farm. In addition, we also have traditional Thai dishes such as Lam rice, grilled meat, steamed fish.

All of our food has obvious origin and is contracted with the local people, some of which is taken from our farm. We are committed that our food is completely natural without any preservatives, no medicine pest, which brings about the safe feeling when you spend your time at our lodge.

Breakfast Buffet dishesBreakfast Buffet dishes

Organic Farm

Our cooks come from Thai Ethnic so in each of their dishes, they are characterized by Thai flavors, when they cook, they use spices such as chopped nuts, guava seeds and other spices. So when you come here you will enjoy all the flavors of the dish, making your trip more fun.

Unique Disgn in side of Restaurant

Unique Disgn in side of Restaurant

You should book in advance because Pu Luong is a mountainous area, to prepare a meal must be prepared in advance, here the market is opened 2 times a week, the town is 20km away, eating in Pu Luong is a problem. big deal. So please call us first. Hopefully, Pu Luong The Deer Restaurant will welcome you. See the customer comments below before booking: https://www.facebook.com/puluongrestaurant

List Set Menu

The Menu Of The Restaurant

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