Should You Go to Pu Luong Months?

Many people ask me: What month should I go to Pu Luong? I answered that: Pu Luong is always beautiful season but if you go in between May and June or between September and October, you will be watching the golden color of the rice, and go at other times of the year. You will see the green of the rice fields and the activities of the farmers on the terraced fields.
Weather In Pu Luong

The weather in summer is hot but in the evening the temperature drops, so the feeling of heat is gone.
If you go in winter, there is sometimes fog and light rain. In my opinion, no matter which season you go, you should bring joy and happiness in your trip, your trip will be meaningful. Therefore, In my opinion, going into any time is fun, every time is beautiful. You should check the weather before you go to ensure you a perfect trip. Besides, there is also the element of luck.
The temperature from April to August in the day can be up to 37 degrees celsius, at night to 27-29 degrees celsius.
Winter temperatures can drop to 7-10 degrees Celsius, with occasional fog.

Thời tiết tháng 8 ở Bản Đôn

Weather Between August and September In Ban Don

Time for you to hunt clouds

The best time is between August and October. This time starts in the winter, so in the morning the clouds come from the top of the mountains to the valley, the rice is entering the maiden period, some areas have rice. ripening earlier, sometimes you will also see some fields are starting to turn yellow and October. Perhaps Ban Don is the most beautiful place to hunt rattan because it has high terrain so you can see rice fields and Valley.

A Cloudy Landscape Under the Ridge in Ban Don in September

The most beautiful place to hunt clouds in Pu Luong

If you stand at the virtual Live Cliffs shooting down this valley, the more beautiful the scene. This cliff is little known because it was previously in a rice field of a household, later when looking for a place to hunt clouds, I caught this cliff. Now it has been many Photographers, Phượt friends come here to hunt for their best photos. If you go to Pu Luong, please come here. I am sure you will have good photos. Find out more at: to get the latest updates.

Nên Đi Pù Luông Tháng Mấy?

Hunting Lu Luong Cloud At Live Cliffs

Fantasy Live Rocks

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