Top 9 Sights not to be missed when coming to Pu Luong

These are the true sharing of the Earth Kingdom based on the years of sticking with this land on the Top 9 Sights not to be missed when coming to Pu Luong. If you only have 2 days in Pu Luong then Tho Dia recommend motorbike, which is a good choice when you want to visit the villages in Pu Luong. Because Pu Luong is a very large Nature Reserve, the distance in the center and the village is about 50km, if you go by car it also takes 3 days and many roads are also inaccessible. I will introduce some beautiful versions in Pu Luong, you should visit, surely these ones have come many times and will not disappoint you.

The following is a list of Top 9 Must-See Spots When Visiting Pu Luong Nhe:

  1. Kho Kho village
  2. Coc Coc
  3. Han edition
  4. Bản Hiêu
  5. Ban Doi
  6. Diving Version
  7. Chieng Lau Village
  8. New Version
  9. Son Ba Muoi Plateau

1. Kho Kho village

This is a village located in a valley, surrounded by mountains. Rated as one of the beautiful villages in Pu Luong. Most of the Thai people in the village do farming so when you come here at a time when the rice is still green looks very beautiful, the mountains and upland fields create a very spectacular landscape. But to get here, you have to walk or motorbike about 2 km from the main road, the road is very difficult and steep, when I first came to this village, I was really stunned with the road to this village because it was about 45 degrees slope, today anyone who meets slippery roads must be very careful even when going up and down because if they are not careful, they dive into the abyss or crash into people going down, the road is very small on the right is the mountain, on the left is the abyss. But when I arrived, my first feeling was that this village was extremely wild with palm-roofed roofs, houses made of precious timber trees that reminded me of villages 20 years ago. The atmosphere here is extremely fresh, surrounded by soaring limestone mountains like limestone islands in Ha Long Bay.

Next to the houses are fish ponds, the people here raise a lot of fish, the herds swim around the water with food, black pigs running around the food garden … the scenery It was so simple that the mountain kept me here.

You should go to Bat Cave which is a rather large cave with only about 300m is a cave located on the limestone mountain range. bestowed on the people here. From the cave entrance, you can see the whole scene of Kho Muong village. Come here once in your life and experience all its beauty.

See Road to the Warehouse

Hang Dơi Kho Mường

Bat Cave in Kho Muong Muong

2. Eo Coc Coc

The most unique feature of this village is the high and wide terraces. To go to this village we often walk from Hang village, passing a stream flowing from a very clear jungle. People here often go to these streams to wash and bathe. Thai people here have 3 ways to bathe:

One is taking a bath in the stream: Women often leave their clothes naked and choose to go to deserted places to bathe

The other is Bathing Mó: Usually at the top of the village there are water marks led by bamboo pipes, the water is very cool, there are two sides “One side is Male, one side is Female separated by cork to two sides not They looked at each other because they used to take a bath naked, and men and women talked very much like the days when people were still shy and shameless.

Third is river bathing: Women often put their skirts on their heads or skirts on the shore naked to bathe, they often take a shower and wash their hair in the water with beautiful water.

Thai women usually bathe 2-3 times a day so it is very clean, especially they do not wear the same underwear as Kinh so they have less gynecological diseases.

Around the rice fields are stilt houses that still retain the traditional traits of the Thai people with a cambered roof like a turtle’s back, besides there are khau quail on the roof. According to Thai customs, outside khau quail is used to decorate and shield the house, it also has a sense of class distinction in society, the poor people often make Khau Cut simple oval or X-shaped. Wealthy people often have more sophisticated designs, including more pieces of wood and texture.

Bản Eo Kén Pù Luông

Upright Steps Cocoon

3. Ban Hang

Ban Hang is a village about 20km from Mai Chau and 25km from Pu Luong center, is one of the most beautiful villages in Pu Luong, where there is Bo Dap stream gurgling night and day and also a place for bathing of the villagers. Cave. Many households here start a homestay service that attracts many foreign tourists because of the friendly, hospitable, rustic and very friendly food prepared by a Thai family. From Hang village, you follow the mountain trail, go through beautiful bamboo forests like in Chinese movies to Ban Eo Coc. The trail is very beautiful with streams, ducks, deserted forests, farmers’ farms, buffalo herds and small children aged 7-10 years old but dominated the herds of 7-10 buffaloes. . Life here is very peaceful. While Hanoi is entering a period of brutal civilization with air pollution and dehydration in recent days, should we go back to the time when people returned to their roots. I will consider the Hang village as one of the most beautiful villages that you cannot miss when you come to Pu Luong.

Bản Hang Pù Luông

Visiting Ban Hang

4. Bản Hiêu

As a tourist convergence of Pu Luong, the majority of tourists when asked answered: Thieu Hieu is the most prominent tourist destination of Pu Luong. What makes this waterfall famous is that it has very clean water flowing from high mountains. This waterfall is about 2km long, about 400m high, you can walk along the waterfall to see each beautiful waterfall floor, each floor will have a deep pool that looks like a natural blue swimming pool. This is also the place where Hieu Farm, where you can visit, along with it is a beautiful terraced field viewed from above. The road to the village is dirt road so you should leave the vehicle outside, on rainy days the road is very slippery.

Along the banks of the stream you see a lot of Co Lung Duck, this duck has a very famous blue neck in Pu Luong. This duck lives along the stream. Many say that this duck was taken by the French. Previously the French had come to Pu Luong and built an airport on the top of Pu Luong, now there are still traces.

Ban Hieu also has quite a lot of homestays, most of which are popular homestays, with one homestay called Les Bande Hieu Ecoldoge.

Bản Hiêu Pù Luông

Visit Waterfall Waterfall

5. The Ban Doi

There are 3 beautiful valleys in Pu Luong, Tho Dia that introduce to you: Ban Yeu Valley, Ban Khoi Valley, Hang Ban Valley.

The valley of Ooi village is considered to be the most beautiful because it has a landscape of terraced fields, behind this village there is a palm forest. The whole village has palm roof and their houses are mostly wood. This version has not been commercialized so we can go in to learn about the culture of the people here. Earth Land has been here many times and there is an old lady here who is over 90 years old but still very healthy. Thai people here live very old. Perhaps the climate here is good, the food here is completely natural, people are always satisfied with life so they live healthier.

If you look from Don village, you can also see the stream flowing along the terraced fields. This is really a place of ” Bong Lai Tien Canh ”.

Bản Ươi Pù Luông

Footage From Above

6. Diving Version

Located next to the swallow village, it is a brocade weaving village, people here make products to meet the needs of people in Pu Luong area, so when I went into the village, I saw many households The family is embroidering traditional costumes or towels. This version is different from the tourist sites in Mai Chau always busy with tourists with souvenirs and shops. Here you do not find souvenir shops, do not find words that attract customers like Sapa. That is the biggest difference of this version compared to most other tourist versions.

Customers who want to buy traditional costumes sometimes have to order in advance, but are not available. Prices are also very affordable, not for tourists.

Bản Lặn Pù Luông

Brocade Diving Plate

7. Lau Chieng

Eam sita est trans platea a? T et u Luong canh Nang prohibere potest ut vehiculo ambulate in ea, satis facile. Ad pontem versione transibitis ‘San’ Cura transitu amnis potuisset. Ea frequentior esset pulchra nimis propter aquae immanemque rotam et aquam ad villam muros agros Piscium doc vulgaris piscis in Thanh Hoa enim ipsum. Hic vides centum pisces ad villam cingite. Is vultus amo a procul pulchra oasis.

Lau Chieng Pu Luong

Lau Chieng REMUS in aquam,
8. Fer Novum

Ut non uno Top IX sed lobortis mi ut cum Ite Pu Luong desiderari, hoc est potentiale voluptuaria similesve est dives in futurum. Quod in valle situm est inter omnes alii, ut ad hoc poema vos have ut vado per siluas quis fermentum a Chieng Lau est novum monetæ. Haec pulchra bamboo silva. Multa de Cinematographers elegi ut documentali footage arbore. Quia pauci sciunt peregrinatores ex decorum id esse quod non fuerit intacta multa maxime circa domos plantae nascuntur palmam magis sentit ipsum in domo frigida dulci.

Insuper etiam suspensio exsecutionis eo temeritatem in ponte.

Ban Pu Luong Novum Esse Quam Videri
A New progressum profecta
9. Carmina Filius triginta

Est ‘Xu Qing Sapa annus trans pontum 900m ad libellam sparsis hic satis multi agricolae hic non electricitatis CALEO gyra rubus hic est in alto periculosissima saltus Vietnam collocantur.

Filius triginta sindones SOMNICULOSUS quasi canh planitiem quae sunt ad idoneam tentoriis commorantem per prandium confractus subsisto.

In aeris XXIV gradus hinc mediocris circa ipsum sentire sit frigus aestate, in nocte circiter XX gradus ad C, nisi hic prius venire ad vos ut quod lux, et, in casu non est WiFi suam extra fluctus.

PU Luong Filius Ba Muoi
Carmina Pu Luong Filius Ba Muoi

Ea qua irent Motorbike

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