What to Play In Pu Luong?

Many people ask me: What to play in Pu Luong? it is very difficult for Tho Dia, because unlike other places, Pu Luong has very few places for entertainment and entertainment, such as Sapa with cable cars, Ha Long with canoeing and shopping services … Guests come here to enjoy the scenery, enjoy the peaceful space, explore the culture and people here. This place is only for those who really love nature, like to explore and enjoy adventure, so it often has walking tours to admire the waterfall, taking pictures of terraced fields, water wheels, visiting Hieu farm.

Playing At Thieu Hieu

Located in the center of Hieu Xa Co Lung village, this is one of the best places to play in Pu Luong.It is named as one of the three most beautiful waterfalls in Thanh, this waterfall has a length of about 800m, come here you It is possible to walk to explore this waterfall, but according to Tho Dia’s experience, it is better to wear honeycomb sandals because it is safer to go by sandals because the cliffs along the streams are not very smooth, the more you go. up, the more you feel the beauty of this waterfall because it has so many floors, across each floor you feel the grandeur of nature.

How to get to Thieu Hieu: From National Highway 15c You turn to Doan Doan and ask for directions to Ban Hieu, about 5km from Pho Doan.

The best time to explore Hieu waterfall is in May and early June, this is the time when rice is ripe and golden, and Hieu waterfall is full of water and strong streams.

Transportation: You should rent a motorbike is best because the dirt road from outside the village is quite difficult to go. If you go by car then you have to send it outside and then walk about 1km to get there.

Foreigners Going On Waterfall Hieu, Ban Hieu

Playing At Bat Cave-Ban Kho Muong

A cave was created millions of years ago with stalactites and shimmering stalactites, along with the pristine Kho Muong valley that created a beautiful place like a picture.

Bat Cave is located at the end of Kho Muong village. It is impossible to travel here by car because the village only has a unique road to go in, there is no asphalt so you must follow the stone road and follow the concrete road. To get there, motorbikes are the only vehicle recommended for traveling on this narrow, winding and winding road.

Hang Dơi Pù Luông

Go See Bat Cave in Ban Kho Muong

Conquering Mount Pu Luong

Pu Luong is a mountain located in the core area of ​​Pu Luong Nature Reserve with an altitude of about 1700m. As one of the highest mountains in Central Vietnam. To conquer this mountain you must first pass the dense old forests, trek roads to test your health, patience, endurance. If you’ve ever conquered Fanxipang Peak Pu Luong quite easily only takes 6 hours you have climbed to the top. Here you can camp overnight to feel the grandeur of the nature of Pu Luong mountain forest.

In my experience you should go 1 day: In the morning, depart from Don village at about 7am, we usually have a brother guide the locals to lead the group to about 12h to set foot on the summit and have lunch on it then the delegation back to Don village for a rest.

Leo Đỉnh Pù Luông

Road To The Peak Of Pu Luong

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