Why Should You Choose Pu Luong?

In the past years, tourism in Vietnam has been growing constantly, along with the increasing number of accompanying services and we realize many places have been urbanized such as Sa Pa, Ha Long … to that place. no longer feel the tranquility and hidden beauty of the landscape, culture, customs and practices of the people there but instead are commercial activities taking place for profit.

As a place left on the Vietnam Travel map that has not been commercialized, come here you can enjoy the scenery of the mountains, trekking on foot to visit the villages without being disturbed and cut down like places other. To explore all the villages here, it takes you 5-7 days because Pu Luong is a very large area, the distance can be from 50-70km so it is impossible to go all in 1-2 days. The air here is very fresh.

Why Choose Pu Luong
Information about Pu Luong Tourist Area
Distance Between Hanoi and Pu Luong

Another thing is that this place is very close to Hanoi, with only 4 and a half hours on the Ho Chi Minh road (or in the direction of Mai Chau) in the direction of Cam Thuy turn left about 70km to Pu Luong to enjoy a delicious meal cooked Thai Black ethnic style. Not only that, coming to Pu Luong you can visit some famous places such as: Thieu Hieu in Hieu village, Hang Doi in Kho Muong village, Taking pictures of famous terraced fields. mountain climbing in Pu Luong is 1700 meters high. It is here that marks the French air bases.

If you like adventure

You can follow the road from Lung Van Hoa Binh to Son Ba Muoi very beautiful scenes, pristine, quiet roads. On the way, you can stop at some places to hunt for photos, and from the mountain pass on Son village, you can see the whole panoramic Pu Luong.

Đi Son Bá Mười-Pù Luông

Come to Pu Luong Nature Reserve once to feel all its beauty.

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